A message from the interim leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party to Baathists in the armed forces, calling on them to assume their national responsibilities

Publishing date: 2009-01-03


In these difficult circumstances that our people are living under a tyrannical and corrupt regime, let us ask about the causes of this suffering. Let us ask about the causes of poverty, hunger, the low standard of living, and the spread of unemployment at a time when the ruling family is getting richer.

Let us ask ourselves about the reasons for the growth of sectarianism and its spread among all sects, which weakened the national unity that constitutes the country’s strength and its wall of protection?

Let us ask ourselves: Is the Arab Socialist Baath Party leading the state and society, or has it become a cover for the regime’s tyranny and corruption, using a few thousand members from both parties to suppress and practice corruption?

Let us ask about the conditions and suffering of the armed forces, which the regime transformed from an army to protect the nation into an army to protect the ruling family and its agents, the corrupt segment?
Let us ask who made the army lose its qualifications, professionalism, and discipline. Some of those close and dear to them turned into princes in the armed forces, which made the army lose an important element of its nature, which is discipline and respect for the military hierarchy.

Haven't you wondered why a group of close and close officers enjoys all the advantages, including dominance over the armed forces, while the military institution suffers from not providing its basic requirements, whether in the field of qualification, training, arming, or taking care of the basic needs of the military, especially in the field of clothing and food?

Have you not wondered, comrades, about the reasons for the rift between the people and the armed forces and the reasons for fear of them?
Didn't you wonder about the seriousness of the fear that the people feel from the armed forces?

Isn’t transforming the army from an army to protect the homeland to an army to protect the regime and then to an army to protect the ruling family and its agents? Isn’t all of this the reason for the people’s fear of the armed forces?

Isn't it people's convictions that the army is one of the regime's means of suppression and tightening its control over the country?

Is it in the interest of the country and the interest of its army for a barrier of fear, mistrust and suspicion to be established between the people and the army?

Why do you, fellow Baathists, have to bear the burden of policies and practices of which you are a victim, as are the people of which you are a part?
When the army is led without its official leadership and is controlled by a small group consisting of the brother of the president of the regime and some of those close to him, and when the official leadership becomes unable to reject the demands of this group, you have to wonder about the major damage that this approach has caused to the structure of the army, to its qualifications, and to the country’s higher interests.
The interim leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Syria calls upon you, comrades, to consider the conditions of the country, the suffering of the people, the conditions of the armed forces, your conditions, your national and party responsibilities, and the dangers that threaten the country, and to bear the responsibilities imposed on you by the nation, first and foremost restoring confidence between the people and their army, and restoring the army to its normal state. In order for the homeland army to be a protector of the country and not a protector of an authority whose ties with the people have been severed

It is your partisan responsibility to prioritize national interests over any other interests, whatever their type. When the homeland becomes weak and the country falls, no one will have an interest left to cling to or defend.
You know, comrades, the extent of the great damage that the regime has inflicted with its behavior and practices, and one of its most dangerous results has been the spread of sectarianism in all sects and the growth of sectarian tension, which places the country in the highest degree of danger. It is your responsibility, comrades, to protect national unity and restore the people’s confidence, which helps our people achieve national salvation and build a democratic state. A civil society in which citizens are equal in rights and duties regardless of religion, sect, gender or race, a state in which the people are the source of authority and the army is the protector of the homeland, ready to liberate the occupied Syrian territories.
sooner or later, this regime is destined to fall. The nature of the conditions in the country and the prevailing stage of danger make change a national need, and the responsibility for achieving it falls on the shoulders of the Syrians, who realize the seriousness of the existing conditions in the country, wherever their political or social positions are, and whatever their religious or sectarian components, just as it falls on the Baathists. Who are aware of the magnitude of the dangers threatening the country, especially the danger of national division and the devastating consequences it could cause
Syria has achieved its independence through its national unity and the solidarity of all components of the Syrian people. It is painful that our fathers and grandfathers triumphed over sectarianism in light of the foreign presence and preserved the unity of Syria, land and people, while we live now, more than sixty years after the evacuation of foreigners.

It is your responsibility, dear Baathist comrades, and you have pledged yourselves to achieve Arab unity and you have sworn an oath to do so, to work to preserve and protect national unity and remove all the causes that led to the growth of sectarianism and ethnicity, and in this way you will contribute to writing the country and even to making the history of the region.

Dear Baathist comrades, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, Syria, which has always been strengthened in national unity and the bearer of the issues of the Arab nation, calls on you today to assume your national and party responsibilities.
You know very well that the existing regime has no legitimacy, even with regard to the existing constitution in the country and its requirements, and with regard to what officials swore to protect the interests of the people. In its practices, it has lost all reasons for constitutional legitimacy. If the interim leadership addresses you with this appeal, it is based on the fact that the party, with its principles and values, is not... There is no connection between him and this regime, as he made the interests of the self-ruling segment through isolating the people, falsifying their will, practicing oppression, and seizing what the state and its wealth brought into corruption, and this contradicts the party’s principles and values.

Interim leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Syria