Mr. Abdel Halim Khaddam’s message to the Syrians: Your unity and solidarity are essential factors in achieving security and stability

publisher: المكتب الاعلامي للسيد عب الحليم خدام

AUTHOR: عبد الحليم خدام

Publishing date: 2015-10-12


Dear fellow citizens in the homeland and the diaspora,

Dear freedom fighters for your people’s freedom, the preservation of our homeland, and the defense of our values and principles in the face of a great danger threatening the unity of the Syrian people and the unity of the nation. Your unity is the guarantee.

Dear fellow citizens, our homeland is exposed to the dangers of a major catastrophe, in which the regime played a significant role in everything Syrians are facing.

Your unity and solidarity are fundamental factors in achieving security and stability.

Arab and international voices are rising to achieve a political solution to the bloody crisis in Syria. While we welcome political solutions, no country has proposed the nature, components, and parties involved in the political solution.

Will the political solution, leading to the formation of a government representing the regime and some opposition parties, achieve stability and the return of security and peace to Syria?

Is the goal to form a government among conflicting parties without specifying its goals and how to address the situation in Syria?

Have those who spoke about the transitional government taken into consideration the current situation in Syria, with its divisions, conflicts, various organizations, and large quantities of weapons? Is there a government capable of imposing its control, achieving security and stability in the country, and confronting armed groups or political formations?

In issues involving war crimes and political crimes, a political solution is not valid.

With a regime that has killed hundreds of thousands of the Syrian people, displaced millions, destroyed the national economy, and imprisoned hundreds of thousands, a political solution is not valid. There are many examples; when Russia invaded Crimea, Western countries did not agree to a political solution with the Russians but imposed sanctions on them.

At the beginning of World War II, the West did not negotiate with the Nazi regime, and the Nazis were prosecuted in international war crimes courts.

Dear fellow citizens,

With all honesty and courage, I say to you that the major problem will not be resolved, and differences will increase. No Arab or major country can solve it. In my opinion, the solution is the formation of an Arab and international military force defined by the Security Council, with the inclusion of a senior and experienced officer from the Free Syrian Army appointed by the Military Council. This force should enter Syria, impose security, withdraw weapons, push forward the work, strengthen the bond among Syrians, and reorganize the armed forces and security apparatus.

In such an atmosphere, Syrians will regain their peaceful nature, and disputes of all kinds, whether sectarian, political, or ethnic, will dissipate. The Syrian people will reunite with enthusiasm and passion, and Syria will reclaim its role as a beacon of freedom, justice, and equality, regaining its influence in both the Arab and international arenas.

Finally, peace be upon you, resilient and patient Syrian brothers, who fight for freedom, justice, and equality.