Letter from Mr. Abdel Halim Khaddam to the Foreign Ministers of the permanent members of the Security Council

publisher: نيوز

Publishing date: 2013-06-27


Mr. Minister,

Following the announcement of an agreement between the United States of America and the Russian Federation to convene an international conference in Geneva, aimed at discussing the crisis in Syria, ending the bloodshed, and achieving a negotiated political solution between the Syrian opposition and the brutal regime, I believe it is my responsibility to present the following facts:

First, the negotiations will involve two teams: one possessing all the means of killing, destruction, and extermination. Their aggression has resulted in the deaths of over one hundred thousand martyrs, countless wounded and disabled, and the systematic destruction of buildings in Syria. Moreover, it has led to the displacement of over five million Syrians within the country and abroad, utilizing various methods of killing, destruction, and extermination. On the other hand, the victimized party defends itself and its right to life through limited means due to the international community’s silence and reluctance in taking decisive actions to save the Syrian people.

The negotiation process is destined to fail as the powerful team receives support from Russia and Iran, while the other team relies solely on statements.

Second, the issue at hand extends beyond the removal of the serial killer Bashar al-Assad. It encompasses the dismantling of the entire deadly regime within the military and security establishments.

Third, any political solutions that lack fairness will not resolve the bloody crisis in Syria; rather, they will exacerbate wealth disparities among millions of Syrians, which in itself poses great danger.

Fourth, Russia will not consent to the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power until the end of his term, nor will it permit any changes to the armed forces and security services, despite their complicity as accomplices in all the crimes committed by the deadly regime in Syria.

Fifth: Iran and Hezbollah, affiliated with it, are complicit in all the crimes of murder and extermination. However, the international community has turned a blind eye to Iran, despite its significant threat to security and stability in the region.

Sixth: It is evident that you have chosen the National Coalition to represent the Syrians in negotiations. It is widely known that the coalition lacks roots within Syria and has played no significant role in the ongoing revolution. Therefore, it will be unable to fulfill any commitments. Relying on the coalition can be likened to an impractical approach, such as granting the United States authority to negotiate international matters from Cyprus, while the true crisis remains elsewhere. Unfortunately, you are detached from the reality on the ground.

If any team intends to employ force to impose an agreement rejected by the Syrian people, it will result in numerous repercussions that we wish to avoid. It will push millions of Syrians towards extremism, and Syria will become a safe haven for extremists within the Arab and Islamic worlds. While Syrians do not desire such a scenario, it will inevitably unfold due to the flawed solutions proposed to this unprecedented and bloody aggression.

Seventh: The transitional government will be unable to make decisions due to its inherent structure. Any proposals put forward by the opposition team will be rejected by the opposing team. This situation will lead to the following consequences:

a) Escalating chaos and sectarian conflicts, fueled by deep sectarian tensions instigated by the deadly regime, which has exploited members of the Alawite community in carrying out killings, extermination, and displacement against the overwhelming majority of Syrians, who represent eighty-five percent of the population.

b) Another potential outcome is the occurrence of a military coup led by a certain armed group, aiming to restore security and hold the perpetrators accountable. However, this would result in the return of dictatorship to Syria, causing further pain and peril.

I urge you to recognize the gravity of the situation. It is far more serious than some governments perceive.

You are well aware that the Middle East is a region where international and regional interests intersect. Let us not allow this region to become a theater of sectarian conflicts or clashes driven by competing international interests. I emphasize this point because the Russian government has deployed naval vessels to the Mediterranean coast, ostensibly to protect its interests in the region. This action evokes memories of the expansionist ambitions of Tsarist Russia and the colonial campaigns suffered by Asian and African nations.

The Middle East is currently a powder keg. Iran and Russia are contributing to the accumulation of gunpowder, oblivious to the dangers it poses to global security and stability.

In conclusion, I extend my best regards.

Abdel Halim Khaddam. Former Member of Parliament of the Syrian Arab Republic