A statement directed to youth in Syria

publisher:    جبهة الخلاص الوطني في سورية

Publishing date: 2006-10-20

O youth of Syria

Oh, the hope of the people to build a future free from fear, injustice, poverty and deprivation

O you who aspire to a prosperous homeland, you will be the bearers of the banner of its progress and future

O young people, your fathers toiled to provide you with education and knowledge so that you could create your future after tyranny, injustice, and discrimination deprived many of your fathers of achieving their ambitions.

You studied to obtain education, knowledge, and a profession in order to reach a better reality, but you found barriers closing in front of you the doors of work that are only opened to a responsible relative or a bribe payer.

Tens of thousands of you graduate every year from universities, institutes, and high schools and search for work, but find nothing but deprivation. They search for ways to guarantee their future, but find nothing but the darkness of tyranny.
Look at the few relatives of the ruling family and its entourage, how the regime’s tyranny and corruption created for them wealth that was plundered from the people and the state’s resources to be converted into investments in Dubai, London, Romania, and elsewhere.

The difference between you and those few is that your fathers worked and struggled for you, while their fathers were corrupt, oppressive, and appropriated the state’s money and plundered the people’s money with the protection and contribution of the ruling authority.

Look, young people, how the majority of the Syrian people live in a low standard of living in light of increasing poverty and widespread unemployment, and how they plunder the country’s resources. How you live in deprivation while they live in glut.
Your responsibility is great, young people, in building a safe and prosperous future, and the future of peoples is not built within the walls of fear and in the darkness of tyranny. Struggle to uproot the fear that the regime planted using oppression, and you set off the spark of salvation from injustice and corruption to light the way for you and achieve for your people freedom, justice, and equality under a democratic system.

Consider what young people have done and what they are doing in other countries to save their countries, and they are no more patriotic than you and no more responsible.
Young people:

Organize yourselves into groups and let each one of you take the initiative to organize his friends who share his vision and hope of building a nation free from all forms of corruption and tyranny.

Express your opinions with flyers, stick them on the walls and distribute them among people, and let everyone who has a computer or typewriter use them to print the flyers.

Expose the regime's corruption, shed light on its suppression of freedoms, and warn it that the day of reckoning is near
The regime has instilled fear through repression in the country, but it is the most fearful, and the most fearful are the tyrants because they realize that tyranny has an end, and the tyrants have an end, and corruption has an end, and the corrupt have an end. As for the free people and those struggling for the freedom and dignity of the people, for the sake of achieving justice and equality, and for a democratic state in which citizens have equal rights. And duties and abolish all forms of isolation, exclusion, and ugly discrimination between citizens. Those who struggle are the makers of history

Youth, be at the forefront of those working to uproot fear and raise the banner of salvation from a regime that has exhausted the people with its corruption and tyranny.

National Salvation Front in Syria