Khaddam: The choice of escalation was not the choice of Bashar al-Assad, but rather the choice of the tripartite Iranian-Russian alliance and the regime

publisher: وكالات Agencies

Publishing date: 2013-01-10

Dear brothers and sisters, sons of Syria

After the speech given by the murderer Bashar al-Assad on the sixth of this month and the severe campaigns it included against the Syrian people and their revolution and against the Arab and foreign countries that condemned him and demanded the overthrow of his legitimacy, many are wondering about the reasons for the military escalation and then the political escalation in the approach and behavior of the tyrant Bashar al-Assad at a time when it calls for... There are many countries that need to reach a political solution, even though any political solution will be in their interest

In fact, what encouraged the tyrant Bashar al-Assad to military escalation and the use of all types of weapons, including chemical weapons, and then followed it with political escalation, was his conviction that the Arab countries that had a major role in working to form the international military coalition against Muammar Gaddafi would not do what they did in the Libyan crisis.
Also, the major countries that formed the coalition in the Libyan crisis will not form a military coalition to save the Syrian people, and therefore the military and then political escalation aims to exert all forms of pressure on the revolution and on the Syrian people to accept work within the framework of solutions that preserve their regime.

The choice of escalation was not the choice of Bashar al-Assad, but rather the choice of the tripartite Iranian-Russian alliance and the regime, because the two countries have strategic goals in Syria and the region.

Iran is working to consolidate its influence in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, in addition to its expansion into Bahrain, Yemen, and some Gulf countries
Russia, which aspires to regain its role as a superpower, has a major interest in this alliance, which restores its influence to Syria, in addition to the fact that its alliance with Iran enables it to dominate the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, and Central Asia.

What is striking in this regard is the determination of international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi to continue his duties, even though the tyrant Bashar al-Assad has completed this mission in his last statement.

The call of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to implement the Geneva Convention, which does not affect Bashar al-Assad, but rather to form a government from the regime and the opposition, reveals the seriousness of what is being hatched around Syria and the future of its people.
It is also noteworthy that a group of the Syrian opposition announced its acceptance of the Lakhdar Brahimi initiative, which includes the formation of a transitional government with extensive powers without the presence of Bashar al-Assad, but the opposition party did not announce who would form this government, nor did it take into account that accepting this initiative would lead to the survival of the murderous regime and the return of Bashar al-Assad. Again to power if he agrees to leave it

The formation of a coalition government did not take into consideration that the party loyal to Bashar al-Assad in this government would obstruct it and would not allow measures to be taken against Bashar al-Assad and his regime.
The myth of hands not stained with blood is a gateway to a solution that will end the revolution at the expense of the blood of the martyrs without realizing the danger of this to the future of the country. Whoever knows senior people in the regime whose hands are not stained with blood should put their names before the Syrian people because the people alone are the decision-makers.
O sons of Syria

People with good intentions often take their intentions to hell, so beware of those who claim to have good intentions in calling for solutions that do not serve the Syrian people and their revolution.

You Syrians have fought for freedom, justice, and the right to self-determination, and not for stages that increase the losses of the Syrian people

You withstood an unjust black aggression and succeeded in strengthening your path, and victory is coming, God willing